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Emergency Generators 

 We often take for granted that the continuous supply of electricity is not a given. There are several threats that exist, such as utility equipment damage or failure, severe weather, natural disasters, brownouts and blackouts, deregulation on the reliability of providers to deliver power and new construction which is causing the demand for electricity to outpace supply. A loss of power can be devastating, and quite often it comes unexpectedly. A standby emergency generator would eliminate these worries. Generators can provide instant power without even calling attention to the fact that there's a problem.

Residential/light commercial power systems are permanently installed outside, similar to an air-conditioning unit. They work with a matched UL Listed automatic transfer switch that responds within seconds when utility power is lost, supplying electrical power to all pre-selected lights, appliances and equipment...Automatically!

These systems include:

  • Standard Weather Protective Enclosures: Protects the generator from harmful weather and reduces exterior noise levels. Keyed locks provide security.
  • Choice of Fully Automatic Transfer Switches:
    • UL Listed, remote-mounted 100 or 200 amp automatic switch options (depending on model)
    • UL Listed, remote-mounted automatic transfer switch with 8 or 12 circuit emergency load center
  • Built-in Battery Chargers: Maintains battery at optimum performance level.
  • Automatic Safety Shutdown: Protects the engine and generator in the event of low oil pressure, high temperature, overspeed and/or overcrank.
  • Automatic Seven-day Exerciser: Runs the system weekly to maintain top running condition.
  • Diesel, Natural Gas, or Liquid Propane Operation: Multiple fuel sources depending on owner preference, also available bi-fuel power systems.
  • Flexible Fuel Lines: For connection from rigid pipe to the generator fuel inlet.
  • Durable, High Strength Composite Mounting Pad (air-cooled models only): Eliminates the need to pour a concrete mounting pad to support the generator.
  • 100% Factory Performance Tested


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